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Cabooodle a community for creatives

February 18th 2013 by

Cabooodle is a cool new site for creative types. Graphic and web designers will find the site helpful. Users can upload designs and get feedback on their work....

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Junkie Tip: Asynchronous Google Analytics

February 14th 2013 by

Here is a way to make your Google Analytics asynchronous (non blocking). Make sure you change XXXXX-X to your sites ID. This example comes from the great HTML5Boiler...

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Junkie Tips: Disable Right Click Menu

June 4th 2011 by

Although this is not recommended from a usability standpoint, sometimes occasions call for the need to disable the browsers right click menu. Here's a nice snippet to acc...

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Breaking Down a YUI3 Widget

May 31st 2011 by

YUI3 has these great things called widgets. For you jQuery guys, a widget is sorta like a plugin. Widget driven development is nice because it allows you to modularize your ...

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Junkie Tip: Check If An Element Exists

May 27th 2011 by

A good way to see if the element you are looking for exists (with jQuery). ...

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A Closer Look at jQuery’s delegate Method

May 26th 2011 by

jQuery has several ways to attach an event to an element, and sometimes which one to use is not so obvious. In this article I am going to be focusing on .delegate() and some o...

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Create a Simple Twitter Widget with YUI 3 and YQL

May 24th 2011 by

I have been working a lot with YUI3 at my day job lately. One of the coolest new things about YUI 3 is YQL. YQL has a ton of features, but the short version is that it stand...

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Junkie Tips: Using Protocol Relative URLs

May 1st 2011 by

If you've ever created a site that need https, then you have probably ran into this issue. In IE, you get a warning about some of the content not being secure. This warning ...

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Tasty Canned Unicorn Meat Giveaway

February 23rd 2011 by

Jobety is giving away 3 delicious cans of unicorn meat.  I bet your mouth is watering now!  Jobety, which is still in development, is a job search engine built for web d...

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Portrait Photography: Turn up the Bass with Headphones

October 17th 2010 by

This is a great inspirational and colorful showcase of photography from photographers on DeviantART, the very best in photos which use headphones as a strong focal point in the subject.

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The Ultimate Freelance Job Board List 2010

October 13th 2010 by

Ask most freelancers what the hardest part about their job is and they will tell you finding new clients. It's a pain to do and takes up time you could be devoting to other m...

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